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pty-problem in MiNT

Hi everybody,

there seems to be a problem with pty's in recent versions of MiNT.
I encountered with my self-compiled FreeMiNT 1.12.5, same FreeMiNT
with fork patchand the MiNT delivered with N.AES (I think it is a
1.12.5 too).

The problem is best described by describing the behaviour of
the GEM-Term Accessory (it is similar to TOSWIN):
- First it creates the pty's for the possible windows.
- When a program is to be launched it opens the pty,
  makes vfork, forces redirection and calls exec to start
  the program.
- When GEM-Term wants to run another program it again opens the
  pty, vforks, ...

Now the miracle happens: When the program doesn't read any input
(e.g. echo) the next program start hangs the system and you have
to reboot the computer. I managed to solve the problem within
GEM-Term by creating the pty before a new program is launched,
but I think this is a bug in MiNT and that's the reason why I post it.

I already had a look to the MiNT mailing list, but there appeared
to be no patch for or even a discussion of this problem.

Best regards

        Axel Kaiser
        Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum