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Re: TRAP #1 from TRAP #2?

Stupid question .. what happens if a call such as Fselect() is made from
the AES?   I would assume that another program would be able to run, and
since the last AES call never returned, you crash.  Right?  Or will something
that easy actually work?

On Wed, 24 Jul 1996, Eric R. Smith wrote:

> >I know this is safe to call Gemdos or VDI from AES (without this,
> >UserDef objects won't be possibles!)..
> >But I think AES is called sometime from interrupt, for the timer
> >stuff.. I don't think AES call user functions at this moment, but
> >this is not sure..
> So far as I know the only AES function that can legally be called from
> GEMDOS (actually the BIOS) or an interrupt is form_error, and that
> function does not itself call GEMDOS.
> Putting an AES call in an interrupt handler or in a function which is
> called from an interrupt handler is illegal, and will result in
> undefined behaviour. I don't think any programs actually do this.

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