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"Do you want to go.. FASTER?!"

After some fiddling around, I've finally been able to establish a null
modem PPP link between my TT and my Linux box --- at 38400 baud.  And as
they say in T2, "I think it should go faster than this."  I already know
how to get the Linux end up to 115200, but I can't figure out how to do
it on the other end.

Now, I have HSmodem v0.something-recent installed, and the docs seem to
suggest that I could get /dev/serial2 to run at 115200 by setting it
for 150 --- no dice.  I tried installing hsminst.xdd (after deciphering
just enough of the instructions to manage it) and got a whole suite of
cute new devices, including /dev/HSSERIAL2 --- which appears to be
entirely non-functional.  At this point I'm no longer even sure I have
HSmodem installed properly (which loops back to the perennial "HSmodem
before/after MiNT" confusion).

I know I've seen people on this list discussing LAN's they had running,
and I refuse to believe you're all running at 38400 baud.  So there must
be a way to do this.  Suggestions?