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MiNTNET/Geneva Help! (fwd)

Dear Kay,

I am using Mintnet with Cab via the setup in PPPKIT and have been 
quite pleased to get a working PPP connection.  Being very accustomed 
to Geneva and Neodesk, however, I missed the 3D effects of the newer 
AES, and the functionality of multitasking.  I am a MiNT neophyte and 
haven't the first clue as to how to use its many features.  So, I have 
been using GlueSTiK to access other utilities designed for use with 
STiK, such as AntMail, Newsie, and DUFTP.  I'll be darned if I can get 
MGFTP to work.  

For the longest time I could not get the Mintnet setup to work with 
Geneva/Neodesk, and then I read a comment online that Geneva has to 
run after MiNT.  I tried it and have succeeded in getting it to work.  
CAB works fine (although I did get a crash when I exited it tonight).  
Where I am having a real problem is in running programs from inside 
CAB.  I seem to be able to start programs from the desktop fine and 
have several running at the same time, but when I try to launch a 
program, such as a text viewer from inside CAB, the system crashes.  
This worked fine before I started running Geneva and Neodesk (under 
MiNT and the old desktop as set up by PPPKIT).  And it works fine if I 
am not running MiNT with Geneva and Neodesk, but when I am running 
Geneva/Neodesk with MiNT it will not launch a new program from inside 

I wonder if you can offer any suggestions.  I am running a TT with 4 
megs of ST RAM and 16 megs of FastRAM.  My versions of Geneva and 
Neodesk are both the latest (release 005).  CAB is the version for 030 
processors.  MiNT is Freemint version 1.14, and MiNTNet is version 1.0 
(I think, or whatever came with PPPKIT 1.4).  Thanks for your help.

Tom Carman
(The Sermonator)

Kay Roemer              roemer@informatik.uni-frankfurt.de
"Is there intelligent life on earth?" (Frank Drake, SETI)