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Re: Heeelp!

> Dear Sir,
> I am an ATARI megaSTE4 user , I've subscirbed to your mailing
> list. yet I've recieved nothing tell now.
> I want to tell you about my problem ( it might be good for others to
> know too ;-)):
> I have down-loaded from nic.funet.fi all the GnuC++ files yet it 
> didn't work!  I have tried every thing ... every thing yet it didn't 
> work...
> so could you please help.
>   .... Yours: Kefah Taha Issa

Could you make a more accurate description of your problem ?
(setup, mint version ...)
Describe what happens when you try to run it ?...
I guess you may only have a setup problem, GCC need some environment vars to
be set (GCC_EXEC_PREFIX ...). The best way is to use it with MiNT, and a 
Minix file system.
You may use it under plain TOS but I'm not sure...
Hope it helps, regards,