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On 16 May 1997, James Troup wrote:

> > > What's wrong with gzip..?
> >
> > It's more advanced and universal.
> An archive format with a still-in-flux draft specification (and with
> little or no software that supports it) is more universal than tar,
> cpio or zip?  Uhh, no.
> As to advanced, I don't see anything wonderful about XAF myself.  The
> author of the page seems to consider current archive formats' most
> glaring "shortcoming" that they don't support files which are > 2Gb's?
> Weeww.  Who cares?  Ext2 doesn't currently support files > 2Gb, I
> doubt Minix does either.

Well gzip supports >2Gb files anyway. At least it should as files on
many UNIX systems can easily be over 2Gb (large databases).

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