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pppd > 38400 on Falcon

I have finally figured out a safe way of getting more than 38400 with
pppd on my Falcon.

If I use modem2 in ~/.ppprc, the port is set to 38400 when I try to
set it to 134 (== 57600) or 150 (== 115200). I guess this is because
these speeds are invalid, and pppd sets the port to 38400 by default.

But if I use modem1 in ~/.ppprc, the port isn't configured and I can
set the speed with modem.cpx. Pppd still uses modem2, but this time
with the speed set in modem.cpx.

This works fine, atleast at 57600 (I haven't tried 115200 yet.), but
I'd like to know why... I understand that there are patches to get
MiNT and pppd to use the higher speeds, where can I find them? I'm
using FreeMiNT 1.14, MiNTOS 1.4.1, MiNTnet 1.01 and pppd 2.2.0.

** Jo Even Skarstein    http://www.stud.ntnu.no/~josk/
**    beer - maria mckee - atari falcon - babylon 5