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Re: [Fwd: Re: java virtual machine]

> Here is some info on how to make a virtual java machine from Craig
> Graham, the author of XaAES, our freeware MultiTOS replacement.

I might as well say this here and now:

There will be a JVM with JIT for Fenix. I'm currently working with a
group of Amiga programmers porting Sun's JVM to Amiga (and Atari).

We are using Sun's JVM sources but are rewriting a lot of the interpreter
and are adding a JIT. My responsibilities in this project are the JIT,
rewriting of the interpreter and the porting to Fenix.

Fenix's kernel has been designed with Java (and Limbo) in mind and there
is a OO dynamic linking scheme being designed so that native code can
be used simply in "Java" programs. This makes it possible to use Java
as a simple glue and script language for GUIs and other non performance
critical applications.

We have worked from time to time for over a year on this project and
have had working Amiga prototype versions for nearly a year. The JVM is
capable of running javac compiling javac ie itself. 

I cannot say who the Amiga programmers are and why we are doing this at the
moment but it will be clear in a couple of months.

Regards Sven Karlsson - Istari software