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RE: VFAT.XFS versus MagiC

On Tue, 26 Aug 1997, Jo Even Skarstein wrote:

> Adding VFAT-compatibility to the TOS fs should be quite easy, VFAT is
> identical to FAT except for the extra entries in the FAT-table (For
> the long filenames).

yes, that's what I & sven say here, too.

> Forgive me if I'm not making sense here (I'm quite ignorant at this
> field.), but a VFAT xfs shouldn't be harder to write than e.g. the
> MinixFS xfs, unless the problem is that Rwabs() can't read all (or
> none at all) sectors on "big" (>32Mb) DOS-partitions.

Again, this was the reason of writting my yesterday's mail: you can't 
read sectors on DOS partitions. That's why XFS is useless.

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