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Re: freezing internet connection

---*snippet* Re: problems using Mintnet---

 >Oct 12 06:41:22 abcj pppd[78]: Serial connection established.
 >Oct 12 06:41:22 abcj pppd[78]: Using interface ppp0
 >Oct 12 06:41:22 abcj pppd[78]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/ttyb
 >Oct 12 06:41:26 abcj pppd[78]: local  IP address
 >Oct 12 06:41:26 abcj pppd[78]: remote IP address

Here is where I always felt this PPPkit was somewhat buggy:

On mine, the Local IP and Remote IP seemingly skips a CR and are
displayed on a single line that eventually breaks at 80 chars:

Oct 12 06:41:26 abcj pppd[25]: local  IP address <29> Oct 12 06:41
:26 abcj pppd[25]: remote IP address

Has anyone ever experienced anything similar?

Fyi, my provider uses a straight PPP login:  Login, Password, Protocol.
There is NO authentification protocol used.

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