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Clipboard bugs caused by MiNT?!

A while back (on the STiK mailing), I reported that NEWSie 
intercepts Clipboard actions from other applications, plus
popup-dialog actions (right mouse click) from CAB.

Today, I tried booting SingleTOS for a test. No more buggy!
Booting with MultiTOS (AES 4.1) as a PRG in the auto-folder
also worked perfectly! ;-)

Therefore, I can only point to the MiNT kernel itself as the
source of those mis-routed application vectors. 

Does anyone know what could cause these mis-directions of 
mouse/keyboard actions by MiNT?


From: Martin-Eric Racine FUNKYWARE http://www.megacom.net/~q-funk
Atari TT030 4/24/50 NVDI 4.11, MiNT 1.14, GlueSTiK 0.2b4, AES 4.1
    "By the year 2000 we will, I hope, raise our children to
     believe in human potential, not God." -- Gloria Steinem
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