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I am not a topic cop. I am posting this reluctantly, but feel it is
necessary. This message is, itself, off topic because it is not about
MiNT, but about the MiNT list.

This mailing list is for the discussion of MiNT. That would include 
programs that work only under MiNT, but little or nothing else.

The MiNT mailing list has been operating for several years. If you
look back through the archived messages, you will find very few off
topic messages, until recently. It is getting to be a mess, like an
open newsgroup. We need to keep off topic messages out as much as

Replies to posted messages that would not be of interest to anyone
but the original poster, should be sent by Email, not posted to the
list. Especially messages of a personal nature.

Please send any replies to this message by Email, not to the MiNT
list. My adddress is whallman@flash.net