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Re: MiNTnuke invented?

> So probably sending a SIGHUP to SLD could have saved me, but I didn't
> realise it at the time. And the annoying thing is, I haven't been able to
> reconstruct the problem. I survived all portscans that were tried on me
> after that. I do remember that a longer time ago, someone did a scan on me
> and my computer kept on transmitting for a long time, but then it stopped. 
> Also, while that happened, my own connections still worked, although slow. 
> At the time I thought I was being pingflooded so I didn't give it any
> notice. 
> Anyway, it might be good to look into the stability of SLD, and it would
> also be nice if we could work out what other circumstances cause a
> portscan to succeed or fail as a "mintnuke". :) First thing to find out is
> of course if sending SIGHUP to SLD will stop the problem. I'll keep on
> trying to get in trouble again.. maybe others who aren't running a vital
> server could experiment a little as well? :)) 

To prevent a long discussion:

This actually has very little to do with MiNT itself but rather MiNTnet.
I suggest you experiment a little and send a bufreport to Kay Roemer
(the author of MiNTnet)