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Re: about toswin II

On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Konrad Kokoszkiewicz wrote:

> > I didn't get your point at all. I run TosWin II as an application (in
> > N_AES.CNF, IIRC). When I start any program with console output, TosWin II
> > opens its window and redirects there the output of that console
> > application. Later, when the application has finished, TosWin II closes
> > its window and the screen is clear as it's been before. I see no
> > difference between this and the older TosWin.ACC.
> > 
> > I also didn't understand the 'console.ttp' thing you're talking about. I
> > just noticed I can start my shell (bash) by one click on the pulldown menu
> > of TosWin II - that's handy, too. 
> You know the file /usr/bin/console? this is console.ttp, i added this
> extender to indicate it is a program. This program is launched at N.AES
> startup on my computer by TOSWIN loaded as an accessory. So, the cosole
> window is being open, but it is invisible as long as as i don't click "TOS
> programs" entry in the accessory menu. And this intercepts ANY Cconws()
> output, even generated by PRG files (as MINT.PRG welcome message), not
> only TOS/TTP.

I haven't tried that, but IMHO you could start the console.ttp in an
iconified window. The console window would be effectively opened but also
nearly invisible. Just try it...

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