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Re: Clipboard bugs caused by MiNT?!

On Wed, 15 Oct 1997, Thomas Binder wrote:

> > > A while back (on the STiK mailing), I reported that NEWSie 
> > > intercepts Clipboard actions from other applications, plus
> > > popup-dialog actions (right mouse click) from CAB.

> > This may be a NEWSIE problem or a problem of the compiler the NEWSIE has
> > been compiled with.
> No. It's a problem with flow control when using MiNT + SingleTOS. Ctrl-Q, 
> Ctrl-C and Ctrl-S are misinterpret in GEM applications by the kernel. The 
> problem usually disappears as soon as you've pressed any other working 
> shortcut. This happens for every new application you start.

Since he talks about popups I can only assume that he's using MTOS
(AES 4.1) and not singleTOS. 

He also mentioned that mouseclicks dropped through, so I don't think
the MiNT-kernel is to blame here.

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