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MacMiNT (was Re: Any more XaAES or OaSiS Dev.?)

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, Yves Pelletier wrote:

> > No problem. MiNT sources are free, also the underlying system (TOS) is
> > rather well known. But where are MacMiNT people?
> A few months ago, I attempted to contact some of the people who
> were involved with MacMiNT, to see if I could interest them in
> helping out with the MiNTlib.  They either have moved on, or did
> not reply to my mail.  I subscribed to the altMacOS mailing
> list, but never received any postings.  Sad as it may be, I
> think MacMiNT is dead. 

Not dead, but comatose... we're having a hard time finding a place to host
the altmacos list, after our old list server went down.  Also, my FTP
site, the last one I know of with a relatively complete MacMiNT archive,
will be going away next year (on May 25, to be exact) once I graduate.
Can anyone out there help out with either of these?


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