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Re: TOS platform

 >>   ---re: convince PC users with problems to get KGMD + N.AES on 030---
 >> Speaking of which - where can I get N.AES? I hear a lot about it
 >> but have never seen it locally (souther california).
 >Have they got a WWW-page?


 >>   my provider's previous tech-support head was really impressed with my
 >>   TT and said "Finally! Something that has Unix but real GUI and hasn't
 >>   the name Micro$oft written all over it! I want one!".
 >Err...  I could make here a comment about a thing or two that the
 >standard VDI lacks (like off-screen bitmaps).

Erm.. Is there still anyone _NOT_ using NVDI 4 on their Atari??!

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