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Re: Stacy problems

 >  Sorry to mail you personally, but could I please have a stripped 
 >  bin of one for 68000 via mail or an url, or the sources for it?
 >I have put the binary on my web site. Go to http://highlandsun.com/hyc/,
 >get pppd220f.tgz. The tar file contains the binary, the man page, and a
 >brief readme. I don't intend to provide any real support for this code,
 >but I'm using it myself and it's there for you to use as you wish. For
 >source code you should grab Kay's port of 2.2.0e and apply his patches
 >to the publically available 2.2.0f source. (Try a Linux archive site.)
 >  -- Howard

Howard, since this was recently mentioned over this list, could you
also include the fully patched source and diffs, so people who want
to compile can find all they need within the archive?  There's many
great patches and ports compiled by MiNT subscribers but these need
to be uploaded to Funet and Piwo WITH SOURCES so people can enjoy.


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