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Re: VFAT! :-)

t150315@students.cc.tut.fi%INTERNET wrote:
> > Files on cdrom surely are not stored in vfat format :-) Even if the cdrom
> > is written in a Microshit specific format for long file names, it can't be
> > vfat, but rather Joliet, for which we hopefully got SPIN from Julian some
> > time ago (though I heard it didn't read Joliet correctly?)

Nobody told me... What's the problem?

> >From what little I have read from the Linux Joliet driver, full support
> would need some UNICODE support on kernel filesystem level too... :-(
> Happily most interesting disks are still in the ISO format (Joliet
> disks most likely contain highly Windoze specific stuff :)).

Every Joliet disk will also include a normal ISO9660 filesystem.

Regards, jr