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Re: Quick question

  > Is it possible to write a ftp.xfs? I ask because I have some code here
  > that would be suitable, but I don't know if it's technically possible.
  > And if it is, would there be any demand for such a thing? I thought it
  > would be nice to have a ftp-'drive', where all the folders on the
  > first level represented ftp-sites...

  It might be solved at the desktop level, not at the kernel level (as xfs
  would do). I mean you can have a set of ftp links grouped, then, when
  you click on one, the desktop invokes a special FTP client etc. It would
  be nice if the client would request the desktop to open a standard
  directory window to display and handle the stuff...

  Does AV protocol allow this?

I've seen this done for Unix, but haven't played with it, dunno what-all
it does. In particular, it seems like you can only do sequential reads or
writes, since the ftp protocol doesn't allow you to retrieve portions of a
file. But certainly you could get directory listings easily enough. I would
actually do this as an XFS, so that the drive is available to anybody, not
just the desktop.

Hm, so mkdir at the root of this drive will lookup a hostname. How about
username/password - just anonymous, or have some other tool (mount command?)
to let you specify? I guess I oughta check out the Unix implementation to
see what it did.
  -- Howard