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Re: sh compiler?

You know, Mario, that's an interesting idea.  A sh compiler
wouldn't have to be a real, gcc-like, compiler; it could be
something like the emacs-lisp compiler, which turns the script
into another interpreted file, yet much faster-running.  That
being said, I don't know of anything like this.

I might suggest you try my port of zsh 3.0.4, but I can't be
sure that it will be much faster.  One of the nifty things about
zsh is that if you rename (or symlink) it to 'sh', it
automatically enters a Bourne emulation mode that works very
well for me.  

If you try it, be aware that the binary is not really base
relative (it got mis-linked :-( ).  If you like it and want to
keep using it, let me know, and I'll send you a real mbaserel
executable.  The program is available at funet, piwo, and

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