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Re: Signal doesn't interrupt read() and wait() - help!

> I think this short program might help to explain the problem. Try it out
> and see that when the alarm signal arrives, the read() call does not
> return like it seems it should.
> This just shows the problem in read(), it also happens in wait() and
> perhaps others.
> So now that you can see the problem happening in front of you, perhaps
> someone has some other ideas about why this is.

I compiled it on our server here (RedHat Linux, kernel 2.0.31). It behaves
exactly the same - i.e. the read() call waits until you press Enter and
doesn't return automatically after 5 seconds. The signal however is
delivered (the appropriate variable changes).

Konrad M.Kokoszkiewicz
mail: draco@mi.com.pl

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