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Re: gcc question

On Tue, 10 Feb 1998, Katherine L Ellis wrote:

> I mean generally libs in /usr/lib not in /usr/local/lib 

Put all libs in /usr/lib if you want to, it's all up to you. I prefer to
put the standard libs in /usr/lib and the rest in /usr/local/lib, but
that's just me :-)

> and all the bin would be sym links from wherever to /bin.

Not necessary, the only thing you really need access to is gcc and maybe
as. The rest is called by gcc. But it's a free world, so do what you like.

> Also what is this story about .olb and .a files for libs??
> Why don't we stay consistent?

AFAIK .a-libs are the standard, .olb was used in earlier versions of gcc.
I don't know why the linker still looks for .olb-libs on TOS-partitions.

> NOT EVEN a Makefile in a clean distribution with a install target??

The 2.7.2 I first got was a tar.gz-archive that just needed to be unpacked
from the root. Everything worked the first time, except some problems with
the linker (looked for .olb's and not .a) which was solved by removing the
GNULIB environment-variable. This wasn't mentioned anywhere though, thanks
to the person that pointed this out for me (I can't remember who it was.). (by Christian Felsch) was not as simple, as it's primarily
designed for TOS-FS. But the HYP explains where the different files should
be, I installed it accordingly and it works perfectly.

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