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Re: gcc (Re: porting?)

> > Long branches are possible on 68020+, but PC-relative code with long
> > offsets is not possible. For example:
> > 
> > 	move.l	addr(PC),d0
> > 
> > 'addr' must be 16-bit, what means a distance of -32768 up to +32767
> > bytes.
> At least gas 2.8.1 which I am using assembles that as long offset. Same 
> thing with address register. If short mode is wanted one must use
> move.l   addr:w(pc),d0 (or in mit syntax move.l  pc@addr:w,d0). There's 
> also --base-size-default-(16/32) and --disp-size-default-(16/32) but they 
> don't seem to work or I'm doing something wrong...

Hmm, quite strange. Devpac refuses to compile long offsets to (PC) mode
and I was previously quite sure that it is correct. 

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