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Re: Signal doesn't interrupt read() and wait() - help!

On 6 Feb 1998, Andreas Schwab wrote:

> You have to change the MiNT kernel to get interruptable syscalls.

Ok, well I can make a kludgy work-around for the problem, but it seems it
would be better if the system calls really were interruptable.

Perhaps this is another thing for Konrad to add to MiNT, or is it not so
easily done? What is the situation regarding this?

Someone else said that using longjmp from the signal handler was one
solution, but I still don't see how this would enable me to interrupt the
system call. What am I missing here?

Lastly, although I did make a work-around for read(), does anyone have any
ideas for how to work-around this problem in wait(), that is get the same
functionality as wait() but have it exit when a signal arrives?

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