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Re: MiNT library PL 47 installation

On Mon, 2 Mar 1998, Paavo Hartikainen wrote:

> I have unpacked 'mntinc47.tgz', 'mntlib47.tgz' and 'mntolb.tgz' to work
> folder. What should I do next to get all the files installed and old
> versions removed? Oh yes, the directory structure was originally created
> by KGMD installation script. 

I am not familiar with the KGMD directory structure, but
generally speaking, the files from mntinc47.tgz and mntolb47.tgz
belong in the default path your compiler searches for header
files and libraries, respectively. 

More specifically: in my setup, the include files go into
/usr/include, and the pre-compiled libraries from go into
/usr/lib.  Just copying the files into their assigned directory
should be sufficient; old versions will get overwritten. 

mntlib47.tgz contains the source files for the lib; they can go
anywhere that's convenient for you.

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