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Re: STiNG, CAB, and Multitasking (strikes back)

>> And what about the possible problems with having MiNT's vectors at the
>> end
>> of the XBRA-chain? It doesn't work today, atleast not on my machine.

> Have you tried ? I don't think so.

Sorry??!! What does this mean?! If Jo is telling you that it "does not
work", that means that OF COURSE, HE HAS TRIED. If I tell you (in priv.
before this discuss), that I mailed the MiNT list about your problem and
we discussed it, that means, that OF COURSE, IT HAS BEEN DONE. And there's
nothing for you to "think" about such a line.

Blaming other people for arrogancy, legitimately or not, you have to admit
and keep in mind, that your mails are sometimes very arrogant as well.

Please stop this.