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AW: [MiNT] drives

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> von Martin-Eric Racine
> Gesendet am: Montag, 8. Februar 1999 15:45
> An: Frank Naumann
> Cc: Martin Nightowl Byttebier; mint@fishpool.com
> Betreff: Re: [MiNT] drives
> > >No, with XHDI all 32 drives (except U:) are possible in the 
> new kernel. 
> > 
> > > So if I understand it well I only had to put the drive letters in 
> > > mint.cnf under the NEWFATFS and VFAT lines. Right?
> > 
> > Yes, or install a Minix filesystem on these partitions.
> Some precisions:
> >From the Compendium's chapter 2:
> ----------------------------------------
> Drives 'C' through 'P' are available for use by hard disk drives.  
> (...)
> MultiTOS extends drive letter assignments to 'Z' drive.  Drive 'U' is a

This is plain wrong. MiNT itselt supports what the XFS in use is
supporting. As long as MiNT goes to the old TOS GEMDOS calls (TOSFS),
it is still limited to 16 drives (where drive==FAT partition).

> special drive reserved for MultiTOS and is unavailable for assignment. 
> ----------------------------------------
> What XHDI adds are drives 1 to 6 (after Z), for a total of 32 drives.

No. XHDI is just a spec about how a modern hd driver should work. It
defines *how* to support 32 BIOS drives. You still need a GEMDOS
(BigDOS, MagiC or MiNT) which actively supports these drives.