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Re: [MiNT] old KGMD or new NMD?

On Fri, Feb 05, 1999 at 02:08:17PM +0200, Martin-Eric Racine wrote:
> However, I really think that you should release the drivers.  We've
> already got a _lot_ of problems finding Ethernet solutions on Atari,
> so if those Panther drivers allow using NE2005 cards (or something
> similar) on our hardware, then everyone should benefit from them.

You can't demand that - in the same way that you can't demand that HDDriver,
NAES, NVDI etc. should be free. There are people who put a lot of work into
these, and if they decide that they can't do that for fun (after all, you
can get the money easier by writing Windows/Linux/... software), you will
have to live with the fact - the alternative is that such products simply
would not exist.

Now if you want a free driver, instead of demanding one, simply write one.
Free software is a nice thing, and I am against every move that makes parts
of MiNT non-free. Torsten and Bernd have already provided a big improvement
for MiNT networking for free (basic networking, samba, some of the lowlevel
drivers ...), so I guess it is your turn now instead of complaining.

Michael Schwingen, Ahornstrasse 36, 52074 Aachen