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Re: [MiNT] CAB-for-MiNTNet OVL

Hello Mario,

on Sun 07-02-99 01:19 you wrote:

>I have been using the CAB-for-MiNTNet OVL file from Howard Chu, from
>December 6, 1997.
>While it has mainly worked well, I have noticed a few problems. On some
>WWW sites, forms don't seem to get submitted properly (for example some
>search features respond with "no search terms entered" or similar). And in
>some cases, I get an alert stating that the URL was redirected (or
>something similar), but after selecting an option, nothing happens.
>Has anyone else noticed these problems, or is there a newer version

Yep there are some problems with forms indeed. If I know for sure I'll to 
have fill in a form I use the latest STik overlay (v 1.3015) which 
performs well. 
AFAIK, the latest one v 1.8404 date from february 13, 1998. There is also 
a SSL version of v 1.8404.
Both versions can be found on the Belgian ftp-site  
You can find the STik overlay also on that site but then on

Hope this help

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