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Re: AW: [MiNT] shareware on MiNT?

On Fri, 5 Feb 1999 14:18:16 +0200 (EET), Martin-Eric Racine wrote:


> Putting money in an envelope is out of the question; Canadian laws even
> forbid it.

And even if it is possible it is not a very sure way to provide payment...

> Cheques or postal orders cost a fortune, especially towards Europe,
> because all sorts of extra guarantees must be provided by the bank 
> or postal service, since Canadian banking laws are _much_ different
> >from the European laws.

Same problem vice-versa, when I registered a nfs-server for Windows95 from
the US it was a very expensive thing.

> Read again what I've said above:  
> the shareware I wanted to register would have cost me more in banking 
> fees than the price of the shareware itself.
> In other words, cross-continental payments are a _MAJOR_ pain in the
> ass...  and recently, when I had to send some money to my family in 
> Canada from my new home in Finland, I had yet another proof of this.

One solution to this would be a system like it is done in England already
(I believe the Webside calls it "interactive"). There is one distributor
for this shareware-product in each country which handles the payment and
therefore has to pay only once for sending a cheque or something like this.
he then can divide his costs (and perhabs a little add-on) to all customers.