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Re: [MiNT] old KGMD or new NMD?

On Thu, 4 Feb 1999 13:39:42 +0200 (EET), Martin-Eric Racine wrote:


> > >2) upgrade to new NMD
> > >
> > >   a) uses a proper install.prg where everything is clearly explained and
> > >      the whole process have been thoroughly tested on a various systems.
> > >
> > >   b) start with a distribution that is up-to-date and fully functional.
> > >
> > >   c) require only minor efforts to port newer sources and operate on
> > >      a more coherent, FHS compliant, filesystem that even newbies (or
> > >      people experienced on other Unices that _have_ upgraded) will be
> > >      able to understand.
> > 
> > What about MiNT98?  Doesn't MiNT98 come with a complete manual and
> > easy to use install program?
> AFAIK, it is only a CD full of everyhting they could find for MiNT,
> plus a couple of new versions of some stuff, and German docs, but
> it still follows the old KGMD structure.


Unfortuneately there are two CDs named very similar :-(
1. "The Complete MiNT'98", which is simply what you descriped above!

2. "MiNT'98": A new MiNT-Distribution complete with Installation-Scripts
   (a bit similar to the old KGMD-Scripts) and with a graphical Administration-
   Software (Web-Based with CGI-Scripts). Also there is big bunch of new 
   Software ported especially for this Distribution (Samba, the new 
   nfs-server, and more). Currently we (Torsten Lang and me) are working 
   on getting an language-independend Version out. MiNT'98 (we will change 
   this name) is mainly intended for easily installable Network-Support, but 
   it is also a full featured MiNT-Distribution including Web-Servers, Samba,
   named, Proxy.....
   MiNT'98 is a commercial release, because of the effort we had to put into
   the graphical administration system. In fact this and some Networking-Drivers
   for Milan, Hades and Panther are the only parts which are not allowed to
   be copied.