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Re: [MiNT] Euro-Sign

> On January 1st many FreeMiNT users have got a new currency, the euro.
> On other platforms the integration of the euro sign into the system
> fonts is quite a big deal, on the Atari not yet.

I think applications that use the Speedo charactermap (16-bit, as opposed
the 8-bit GDOS) can easily access the "universal currency" sign, which is
all we really need, since the Euro is a temporary thing.  The real change
will be when we get to the "united nations" world-wide currency.

> I think we should sacrifice one of the many superfluous glyphs in the
> Atari codeset for that purpose.

If this is something Magic and MiNT users can agree upon, I suggest
discarding the Yen sign, since we still need Dollar and Pound signs.
Has anyone ever needed the Yen before??

> I hope nobody will consider me to be a European chauvinist after that
> proposal. ;-)

Certainly not!  Necessity is the mother of invention! ;-)

> Any comments?

Otherwise, it might be usefull to wait and see what will happen to
the ISO-8859 series of character-sets, before we decide what to do,
since it might give us a better idea of how to implement it.

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