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[MiNT] requested: how to disable the critical error handler

/* Support for GEMDOS extended vectors */

static void *old_term, *old_critic;
typedef void (* void_fun_pointer)(void);

static void
new_term (void)
	void (*terminate)(void) = old_term;

	Setexc (0x101, (void_fun_pointer)old_critic);
	Setexc (0x102, (void_fun_pointer)old_term);
	terminate ();

static long cdecl 
new_critic (int code)
	return code;

DODisableCEH (void)
	if (getenv ("LEAVE_CEH_ALONE")) return;

	old_term = Setexc (0x0102, new_term);
	old_critic = Setexc (0x0101, (void_fun_pointer)new_critic);

Julian Reschke
MedicalData Service GmbH (http://www.medicaldataservice.de)