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RE: [MiNT] Problem 1.15.1-1.4 kernel to load Thing 1.27

> > I would like to see if N.AES author could cooperate with WDIALOG's authors
> > and could incorporate those 'enhancements' into regular N.AES. Funny that
> > both programs are written by German authors, it's crazy those people can't
> > talk with each other (no language barrier so it must be something else -
> > perhaps forcing people to use MagiC instead of N.AES?)
> Why would the N.AES author would want to force people to use MagiC? 
> one who would have to support these functions.

That's right. I thought WDIALOG was created to cause problems under N.AES
so people would be forced to move for MagiC (just kidding ;-)

> The MagiC authors have
> defined the calls, and they have provided a tool implementing these calls
> under Single TOS. What else are they supposed to do?

Is WDIALOG written in 'C' or ASM? Perhaps they (the WDIALOG people)
could donate the WDIALOG source code to N.AES? :-))

BTW, what's the e-mail address of N.AES 'team', does anybody know? We
N.AES users should really force them to update N.AES up to the MagiC 6
API :)