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Re: [MiNT] GlueSTiK and mem protection

On Mon, 7 Jun 1999 10:49:27 +0200 (MESZ), Frank Naumann wrote:

>Hi Lonny!
>> Perhaps Scott can better answer, but I can take try.
>> CIB means "connection information block" and this structure is
>> maintained by the tcp/ip stack, one for each connection.
>> A client can request info about a connection based on the connection
>> handle it was given when it started the connection.  Gluestik is
>> having to emulate this behavior.  The client is given a pointer to the
>> CIB structure.  Not a good design, this means the client indeed has to
>> go looking around in gluestik's memory area.
>At the weekend I rewritten GlueSTiK completly in a clean way. Can you 
>check out if all works fine?
>You must remove the gluestik.xdd and the gsresolver.prg. The only program 
>that you need to install is the new gluestik.prg (start from MiNT.CNF or 
>per hand from desktop).

I suppose I can.  I was not expecting a total rewrite.  ;-)

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