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Re: [MiNT] Security

On Wed, Jul 14, 1999 at 05:18:45PM -0400, Katherine Ellis wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Jul 1999, Katherine Ellis wrote:
> > hmm ok teemu, i guess my bad. 
> > 
> > /me whisles away...
> On a second thought;
> teemu, if you don't like a posting, ignore it. How hard is it to ignore?
> press the D key. and that's it bye bye.

Yes, it's hard to ignore.

> 2) if you don't want to be bothered with email, i guess, the internet is
> not where you are supposed to be. Moreover on some mailing list.

What relevance does this have to the "problem" in question?

> 3) if you don't understand the meaning of a posting, care to ask and see
> why it was firstly written for?

I understand the meaning of the posting, that is why I (privately)
commented on it.

> 4) I spent 30 min typing this fucking text (broken keybrd) and that's what
> you teemu answer to some info that some people MIGHT find useful.
> (security reason). 

If it's printed on the book, it's most probably also referencable on
the net, and thus you don't really have to type it in.

It is also not a new issue, and people who have had a course in
c-programming or unix basics usually do know this as an issue. In fact
the "fork bomb" still can use up most of the system resources on common

> 5) are you concerned about the security of your mint machine? have your
> machine on the net/lan shared by users?

That isn't a security issue as such, it doesn't allow a user to get
more priviledges on a system, it can only make the system very slow,
up to the level of being unusable.

> Draco few months ago started with "Secure level", MiNT HAS this problem.

The secure level scheme deals with a different problem, and is not relevant
in this context.

> We are in the mint mailing list, this article was talking about old unices
> having this leak. Don't see any relation there? really think my action was
> not appropriate?

Yes. You could have written about user resource limitation, but instead
you typed in an old text about a trivial resource hogging program.

> Now tell me: I go (as you "so nicely" suggested) in a general unix.os
> group and ask about this problem.  Tell me what they gonna answer!?
> MiNT? what the fuck is that? upgrade your kernel dude. (or tools). 
> Now THAT would be totally inappropriate.
If you presume to know what the answer will be, why bother bringing
up the question in the first place?

> PS: I am a very calm person in general, many things don't both me at all.
> I didn't want to answer teemu's insolent message at first. But that ate
> me. So I had to say my 2 words.

Apparently you can't keep private e-mail private. I don't like my private
e-mail being quoted on a public forum _without_my_permission_ to do so.
Please don't do that from now on.