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Re: [MiNT] Security (fwd)

On Wed, 14 Jul 1999, Katherine Ellis wrote:

> On Wed, 14 Jul 1999, Teemu Hukkanen wrote:
> > Why do you post stuff like this to the mint-list? The list isn't a
> > general u*ix helpdesk, nor is it a pseudo-security list. If you're
> > just quoting a book for no apparent reason, please do it elsewhere,
> > there are web-based discussion systems for cluelessness.
> hmm ok teemu, i guess my bad. 
> /me whisles away...

On a second thought;
teemu, if you don't like a posting, ignore it. How hard is it to ignore?
press the D key. and that's it bye bye.
2) if you don't want to be bothered with email, i guess, the internet is
not where you are supposed to be. Moreover on some mailing list.
3) if you don't understand the meaning of a posting, care to ask and see
why it was firstly written for?
4) I spent 30 min typing this fucking text (broken keybrd) and that's what
you teemu answer to some info that some people MIGHT find useful.
(security reason). 
5) are you concerned about the security of your mint machine? have your
machine on the net/lan shared by users?
6) The text clearly mentions that it is a prob with some old version of
unices. MiNT and tools are still developed/improved etc (god bless them),
so it is not a thing from the past like this security "leak" gives the
impression, we still have the chance to have/make/create a patch.
Draco few months ago started with "Secure level", MiNT HAS this problem.
We are in the mint mailing list, this article was talking about old unices
having this leak. Don't see any relation there? really think my action was
not appropriate?

Now tell me: I go (as you "so nicely" suggested) in a general unix.os
group and ask about this problem.  Tell me what they gonna answer!?
MiNT? what the fuck is that? upgrade your kernel dude. (or tools). 

Now THAT would be totally inappropriate.

Now if you don't like it, too bad.

PS: I am a very calm person in general, many things don't both me at all.
I didn't want to answer teemu's insolent message at first. But that ate
me. So I had to say my 2 words.

/me not hungry...