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[MiNT] RSVF cookie?

Hi everybody,

I didn't use Connect for a long time and when I launched it, yesterday, I 
noticed that it doesn't talk to my modem any more.

The problem is that Connect proposed no more ports but "Serial". Not "Serial-1" 
or "Serial-2" (which don't exist on an Hades any way), just "Serial" with a 
limited speed of 19200.

So I understood that the problem came for HSMODEM. I checked the cookie jar and 
discovered that the RSVF cookie had disappeard. I changed the order of the 
programs in the AUTO folder because I thought that MiNT overwrote the RSVF 
cookie (which was the last one) when it wrote its own. It made no difference.

I made a tiny program to dump the cookie jar that I put in the AUTO folder just 
before MiNT. The RSVF cookie was still there. Another dump of the cookie jar 
from MINT.CNF, just after the loading of the XFS and XDD and before the 
launching of N.AES led me to the conclusion that it's MiNT which overwrites 
that beloved cookie.

I'm wondering: is it a normal behavior of MiNT 1.15.5? Is it "legal" to 
overwrite a cookie that you didn't create? And why? Is this cookie poisoned, 
too dry, rotten, indigestible or harmful someway?  ;-)

I didn't notice the disappearing of the cookie because -apparently- MiNT-Net 
and pppd still work the right way -as well as NOS- on MODEM-2 at 115200.

Does somebody has some explanations? I think that it's a kind of "normal" 
behavior of MiNT which explains why I-Connect wants HSMODEM to be launched 
after MiNT and pppd the contrary. But why? What's wrong with that useful RSVF 

See you later,

Remi Villatel
E-mail: maxilys@normandnet.fr