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Re: [MiNT] MINT.CNF (long)


> The Milan locks-up just after the G:drive is set-up as a VFAT
> device.

Insert the line
	set -v
in the mint.cnf just before the first line which isn't a coment.  This
switched on verbose output and shows every line of the file before
execution, beginning at the line where the 'set'-command was found (a
'set +v' in a following line disables verbose output again).  In your
mint.cnf seems line 36 to be ok for it.  Than you should be able to see
where the system hangs exactely.

> However, what puzzled me is that I seem to have a GEM= command
> as well as an INIT= command, when the docs say I there can be
> only one. If this is an error in my MINT.CNF, why has it always
> worked ? Is this combination of commands doing something different
> to normal ?

Every setting of 'GEM=' or 'INIT=' overwrites a probably preveous
So only the last one counts.

> Lastly, I have never managed to get the machine to work with MINT.PRG
> the last thing in the AUTO folder. If it is, then the OS and many apps
> do not work at all well. I currently have the following items running

Maybe should rename mint.prg to mintnp.prg to disable memory protection.
Some AUTO-folder programs doesn't work properly with it.