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RE: [MiNT] serial driver config help

On Mon, 24 Jan 2000 10:12:13 +0200, Martin-Eric Racine wrote:

MR>| > The old devices are deleted from /dev if the xdd install the
MR>| > new devices. They can't be available.
MR>| If you delete /dev/modem? and /dev/serial? filenames, you are
MR>| breaking standard documented MiNT features.
MR>| ConNect and most terminal software expects those device names.

...so all GEM-software that uses a serial-port becomes useless. I like 
MiNT and N.AES adds a fine graphical user interface, but when even 
the Control Panel hangs the OS when SERIAL.CPX chokes on these new devices 
then IMHO they are no good at all :-(

Why not stick to the original devicenames besides ttyS[1234]...