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Re: [MiNT] serial driver announcement


> Sometimes it appears to work fine, for example I can talk to my modem with
> minicom and there is no problem. However as soon as I try to run uucp, ppp
> or vgetty on my modem port I run into problems where the program seems to
> wait forever on input, never seeing the input that was actually received
> from the modem.
> Further investigation suggests that reads of a single byte work ok, but
> reading multiple bytes is what causes the hang up.

Can't follow that. I tested here nullmodem connections through HSMODEM
programs and pppd. pppd work perfectly fine here.

Are you sure you have the v0.11 of the scc driver? Do you use the ttyS*
termianl devices for the unix applications?

> Let me know if I can do anything more specific to narrow down the problem.

Do you have HSMINF? You can monitor with these program the CTS and CD

What happens if you disable RTS/CTS?


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