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Re: [MiNT] serial driver config help


On Sat, 22 Jan 2000, Jo Even Skarstein wrote:
> 115200
> crtscts
> connect "/usr/etc/chat -v -f /etc/ppp/chat-dagbladet"
> noipdefault
> defaultroute
> asyncmap 0
> -mn

Thanks for that, but it still doesn't work...

Here's my 'pppd file' that works with drivin/scc:

connect 'chat -v -f /etc/network-scripts/demon.chat-ppp0'
disconnect 'chat -f /etc/network-scripts/demon.disconnect'

I changed '/dev/modem' to '/dev/ttyS3' and all I get in the syslog file
for pppd is 'alarm'.

> I didn't have to change anything except the tty-names, and since I
> didn't rename or link the devices in mint.cnf previously all I had to
> do was to remove HS-Modem and install scc.xdd. I have not yet tried it
> on my TT.

That's all I've had to do too, and it still doesn't work. I'll try
recompiling with debuging enabled, and see what I get.

> Please note that that while ttyS3 actually is the correct name for the
> Falcon's modemport, the driver didn't install any devices for the LAN-
> or midi-ports. It should have installed ttyS4 for the LAN and ttyS5 for
> the modem, but instead it install ttyS2 (which is one the same SCC-channel
> and the LAN-port) and no ttyS5.

Yes I'd noticed that too.


JOhn Blakeley