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Re: [MiNT] help wiht PPPD and PAP

On Sun, 23 Jan 2000, Joel Houplon wrote:

> Hi,
> I have some problems to made PAP connexion with mintnet 1.04, mint 1.15.6b
> and naes 1.2.0 in tos partition on a falcon + ct2.
> It works with login password on other isp, but this isp "FREE" need PAP.
> could you help me

It took me ages to work this one out, but it'squite simple, if I manage to
remember correctly here :-)

Create a file, '/etc/ppp/pap-sectrets'. (I don't know how you will do that
on a TOS-partition, unless you install, Franks VFAT/NewFatFS - whichever.

Make sure the permissions are '0600' ('chmod 0600').

If your username is "houplon" and your password is "falcon1", then you
need to enter a line like this:

houplon   *    falcon1

This should work! The '*', the only field I have yet to explain, is the
'remote server' field of the line. If you only logged into one 'server',
you would enter it's name instead of an '*', but seeing as this is for a
dial-up line, where you will almost certainly, get validated by different
servers, it means "match all servers".

Hope that helps!


John Blakeley