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RE: [MiNT] serial driver config help (fwd)


Jo Even made an interest suggestion for the device naming scheme. What are
your oppinions?

> > IIRC you can already ask a device for it's "real" name, 
> > isn't that correct?
> You can't do such thing. HSMODEM provide a Cookie that point 
> to a table of names. These names must be the same as they are under /dev

Bummer. It would have been really useful...

Then I suggest (without really having thought really hard about it) that the
RSVF-names should be the same as the physical port (if possible. What does
HS-Modem use?), and that you keep the existing scheme for the tty-devices
but add an IOCTL to retrieve their "physical" name (the same as the

I guess that this will make it easy for both users and programmers, as
RSVF-clients most likely look up the names given by the cookie anyway, and
those that use the tty-devices can easily grep through /dev.

Jo Even Skarstein