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Re: [MiNT] new ttyS names


> > I aggree in general, but the ttyS are better numbered from 0:
> Why?  People would certainly find it easier to remember which tty
> corresponds to which port, if the numbers follow:
>  modem1 * ttyS1      1 - 1
>  modem2 * ttyS2      2 - 2
> serial1 * ttyS3    odd - odd
> serial2 * ttyS4   even - even
>    midi * ttyS5    odd - odd

This isn't more logical in any case.

> Serial2 and LAN _are_ the same port.  You cannot access both;
> it's either one or the other, which either way is /dev/serial2
> in both cases.

Yes, that's why you need two devices that can only be exclusivly to the
other device opened.

> If you assume SCC A to be using LAN, unless otherwise instructed
> by the proper MINT.CNF variable, then you are doing exactly what
> Atari also did:  boot to LAN by default, until the sound bit is
> changed to Serial2.

Sorry, setting this bit is task of the device driver. And the device
driver solve this easily through normal Fopen() calls.


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