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Re: [MiNT] Remapping keyboard

Hi Jo Even Skarstein, on 30 Apr 00 you said: 

I think that this was intended to go to COMP.SYS.ATARI.PROGRAMMER where I asked 
my question. Any way, it's the right place to continue the thread.

 JES> Almost two years ago Michael Schwingen wrote:

 JES> On Fri, Jun 19, 1998 at 07:22:20PM +0100, Petr Stehlik wrote:
 >> No, the Alt combinations are handled by TOS and are hardcoded, AFAIK.
 >> You would have to write a completely new keyboard driver.
 JES> Only up to TOS 2.06.

I would say up to TOS 4.x; the following doesn't work on my TOS 3.06Hades:

 JES> "New code as of 5/92: in the all-countries cases (TT, SPARROW) we use
 JES> the new variables salttran/saltshif/saltcl as associative lookup tables
 JES> instead of doing the alt-key translation job in code."

 JES> Keytbl (XBIOS 16) returns the pointer to the KEYTAB struct. In newer
 JES> TOS versions, these consist of:
 JES> - unshift table
 JES> - shift table
 JES> - CTRL table
 JES> - unshifted ALT table
 JES> - shifted ALT-Table
 JES> - capslock ALT-table

I only got unshift, shift and caps lock tables. The next 3 addresses were 
invalid or out of memory.

I agree with Petr Stehlik; a keyboard driver would be a good thing for MiNT. 
This way, we could use directly a charset ISO-8859-something according to our 
country or UTF-8 when we'll be ready to make the big jump... and maybe could we 
have a better support of the PC keyboards used by the clones, which will become 
more and more common (I hope so). That's a pity to have a 108-key keyboard of 
which 1/4 of the keys are deaf.

See you later,

Remi Villatel
E-mail: maxilys@normandnet.fr