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RE: [MiNT] MiNT and MetaDOS

> OK, I've found one of the problems, none of the BOS-drivers seemed to use
> the _FRB-buffer properly on my Afterburner (apart from Extendos which
> did, but otherwise doesn't work with MiNT...). After installing DMASNOOP
> is works a lot better.

Can you define what "uses properly" actually means?

> The exact message is "DKinitVolume: Mediachange detected", and it's not
> MiNT that hangs, but the program that tries to access the CD-ROM (in most
> cases Thing). This only happens with 1.15.7, 1.15.6 works fine. I'm using
> a BOS-driver from an ancient CD-Tools distribution (from 1994 IIRC) and
> Spin! 0.35 beta.

This has been discussed a few weeks ago. Frank has made some changes to the
XFS interface, and you'll need a newer SPIN.XFS to get it working again (it
has already been sent out to all registered SPIN users).