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RE: [MiNT] ACC & resolution change

> However... If you really need to stay with just an Acc, you may try to hook
> into the GEMDOS trap and wait for the Mfree() called with your basepage
> address. This is the last moment for cleanups... :-)

this sounds good. But it breaks the rule 'never hook on an interrupt' :-(

Also, is it 100% that this Mfree() is called? In all TOS/MiNT/MagiC/AESes

Hmm, it's still rather dirty. Is there a clean way of detecting AES
resolution change (or maybe only AES restarting) from within a TSR? Right
now I watch the mouse vector in Clocky and when the AES starts it rewrites
the mouse vector. Is this a good method (I think I saw it in NVDI or
somewhere else).