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> Well, there's a known problem in DOS/Windows in that they can't cope with 10
> sectors per track :-) Is this what happens?

no I tried Linux (which should not have any hardwired constants like 9 for
spt) and later also TOSBox (ST Emulator) which is supposed to
read extended formats correctly.

On the floppy there are two files: one I stored there a few days ago (with
MiNT 1.15.0) and it's readable. The other, new Clocky 3.01 was stored
tonight under MiNT 1.15.9 - and this file is not readable.

Let me check also the Gemulator and STonX (both should have native
routines for floppy access) so I could be sure it's not a problem with
floppy driver in Linux. I'll get back with infos.